Tree Pollarding In North London

Tree pollarding is a traditional pruning practice that has been used for centuries to maintain the health and size of trees.

Pollarding trees involves removing all the smaller branches and shoots, leaving behind larger limbs with a distinctive knuckle-like finish.

In North London, where trees are an integral part of the urban landscape, pollarding is crucial in managing tree growth and reducing risk to surrounding infrastructure.

Pollarding is one of the most extreme pruning techniques, so only certain trees will be fit for this service. Suitability will depend on your trees’ age, condition, and species. 

At North London Tree Surgeons, we’re specialists in pollarding trees and are happy to provide our services to all North London boroughs, towns and villages.  

We have a wealth of tree-pollarding experience and have successfully pollarded trees for clients across the region, including Hampstead, Highgate, Crouch End and Enfield.

Our skilled arborists and tree surgeons are NPTC-qualified and fully insured by £10m of Public Liability and £10m employer liability insurance. 

We’re also approved by CHAS and Alcumus SafeContractor, with QMS ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations.

For a free tree pollarding consultation, site visit or quotation with no obligation, contact a North London Tree Surgeons team member today.

Benefits of Tree Pollarding

There are several benefits to tree pollarding in North London:

Health Maintenance:

Pollarding helps keep trees healthy by promoting new growth and preventing them from becoming overgrown or diseased.

Risk Reduction:

By removing branches, pollarding reduces the risk of falling limbs and the potential threat to surrounding structures or the public. 

Infrastructure Protection:

Pollarding is essential in urban areas, preventing trees from interfering with phone lines, power cables, street lighting, and other infrastructures.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Pollarding can enhance the visual appeal of trees, giving them an attractive and distinctive lollipop shape.

Increased Sunlight:

Removing most limbs and restricting the canopy size allows more light to pass around the tree. 

Best Time for Pollarding Trees

The best time to pollard a tree is from late winter to early spring. The tree is dormant during this period, making it ideal for pruning and reshaping. 

However, if necessary, pollarding can be carried out throughout the year, depending on the specific requirements of the tree and your project. 

Common Tree Species Suitable for Pollarding

Several tree species in North London are suitable for pollarding. These include: 

  • Willow
  • Ash
  • Common Lime
  • London Plane
  • Eucalyptus
  • Poplar
  • Some Oaks

These species are known for their ability to withstand pollarding and regrow vigorously, making them ideal candidates for this practice.

Tree Pollarding In North London
Pollarded Trees In North London
Regrowth On Trees After Pollarding In North London

Our Process of Tree Pollarding In North London

The process of tree pollarding involves several steps to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Here is an overview of the typical process:


A qualified tree surgeon will assess the tree’s health, size, and structural condition to determine if pollarding is necessary and appropriate.


The tree surgeon will develop a plan for pollarding, considering factors such as the tree’s species, growth rate, and desired outcome.


Using specialised tree surgery equipment and techniques, our tree surgeons will remove all smaller branches and shoots, leaving behind the larger limbs.


Once the pollarding is complete, our team will clean up the site, removing debris and ensuring the area is tidy and safe.

Contact us for a free pollarding consultation or to book a no-obligation site visit and a formal quotation valid for 30 days. 

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