Tree Felling In North London

We’re qualified tree fellers providing fully insured tree felling in North London, including Hampstead, Highgate, Camden and Enfield.

We offer a range of felling services, from straight-felling entire trees to dismantling them in sections both manually or with crane assistance. 

Safe and precise tree felling requires the correct tree surgeon tools, training and experience.

North London Tree Surgeons’ highly trained arborists are well-equipped and have experience felling trees in confined and awkward locations.

We serve commercial and domestic clients, so we have £10 million in public and employer liability insurance, covering all tree felling operations.

Due to the inherently dangerous nature of our work, maintaining the best working practices and following HSE guidelines is imperative.

We’re committed to upholding high standards within the industry, so we’re Alcumus SafeContractors and CHAS-approved.

With our staff and the environment in mind, we’re also QMS ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited.

For a free tree felling consultation or to arrange a site visit and quotation with no obligation, contact North London Tree Surgeons today.

Ways to fell a tree in North London

Generally speaking, there are two ways of felling trees: section and straight tree felling.

Below, we’ll discuss these two main tree-felling techniques and identify the situations where each would be more suited than the other.

Section Tree Felling

Section tree felling involves dismantling the tree into smaller, more manageable sections.

Sectional tree felling is favoured where space is limited, or there is a risk of damaging property or harming the public.

Tree dismantling usually involves a climber accessing the tree and then taking the tree down in small sections from the top to the ground.

Depending on the situation, the climber may use free fall or lowering techniques, with ropes and a rigging kit, to get the branches down safely.

If a tree is fragile or too dangerous to climb, dismantling may require the assistance of a MEWP (Cherrypicker) or crane.

Dismantling can also be done mechanically using grapple saws or tree shears attached to excavators or HIABS on trucks and telehandlers.

At North London Tree Surgeons, we have experience in all types of section felling and are specialists in MEWP, grapple saw and crane work.

Contact us today if you need assistance with a challenging tree-felling project.

Straight Tree Felling

With straight tree felling, the tree is cut down as a whole rather than in small sections.

Straight tree felling requires adequate space for the tree to land without risking people or property.

Due to the space requirements, straight tree felling is more suited to large open spaces, site clearance and forestry work.

A professional tree feller can control the direction of the felled tree using precise felling cuts and various tools, including wedges, ropes and winches.

Our expert team of arborists and tree surgeons undergo extensive training and can confidently straight-fell any tree should the space allow it.

We assess every project in detail to decide on the safest and most efficient tree-felling solution.

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We offer professional tree felling in North London and all nearby boroughs, towns and villages, including Hampstead, Highgate, Camden and Enfield.

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Why Choose North London Tree Surgeons

£10 Million Public & Employer Liability Insurance

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